20+ age Heart attacks – A compelling reason

Don’t smoke life away!!!
By DrRich

Investigators from Finland have found that individuals under age 40 who smoke tobacco products have a five times higher chance of having a myocardial infarction (heart attack) than nonsmokers, and that smoking is the single most important cause of heart attacks in younger patients. Their results were published in the September issue of Tobacco Control.

They reached this conclusion by examining data from the World Health Organization Multinational Monitoring of Trends and Determinants in Cardiovascular Disease (MONICA) database. In the MONICA project, information was collected on cardiac risk factors and subsequent cardiac “events” in populations of individuals from 21 countries in the 1980s and 1990s. It turned out that, of younger patients (less than 40 years of age) who had heart attacks, 80% were smokers. Furthermore, smoking was the only risk factor identified in over half of these young heart attack victims.

DrRich Comments:
Since not all smokers younger than 40 have heart attacks, it is likely that many of these young heart attack patients have some unidentified risk factor -perhaps a clotting disorder or unidentified hypercholesterolemia – that predisposes them to premature cardiovascular disease. Under this theory, smoking would greatly accelerate effects of such risk factors, such that cardiac disease occurs more “prematurely” than it otherwise would.

This is nothing new, of course. Smoking greatly accelerates atherosclerosis (“hardening of the arteries”) in anybody, of any age. Thus, even smokers who survive past 40 without overt cardiac disease are very likely to develop heart attacks or strokes years – or even decades – earlier than they otherwise might.

Thinking of overcoming?
“Difficult but not impossible; the word impossible itself says ‘i-m-possible'”

“Quit Smoking” is the slogan of the hour. We all know that smoking is hazardous to health. It has very severe ill effects like respiratory problems, lung cancer, breast cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, reproductory problems, etc. It is thus the need of the hour that we should free ourselves from the clutches of the deadly disease. But it is not an easy task to actually quit smoking completely once a person has started it. Smoking makes a person its slave and he becomes addict to its use.

It is though difficult but not impossible to quit smoking because the word impossible itself says “i-m-possible”. The most important attribute that a person needs to have to quit smoking is self-belief and persistence. It is difficult to stay away from smoking in initial stages but with the help of adequate medical aid and strong will power if a person overcomes the initial bouts to smoke, then he will be the master over this deadly disease. He should love himself and not let the ill effects of smoking show on God’s greatest creation.
As a stimulant to help him quit smoking a person should regularly exercise and meditate. This keeps him physically fit and mentally strong. He should also take proper diet, because proper diet not only satisfies the body’s needs but promises to deliver a trim and healthy you, producing undeniable pride and happiness in your body, mind, and spirit.

Chain smokers should delay the next cigarette. In the meantime they should keep their hands busy and minds diverted from the thoughts of smoking.

Smiple Tips to get rid:

1. First sit down and write down why you want to quit (the benefits of quitting): live longer, feel better, for your family, save money, smell better, find a mate more easily, etc.. You know what’s bad about smoking and what you’ll get by quitting. Put it on paper and read it daily.

2. Ask your family and friends to support your decision to quit. Ask them to be completely supportive and non-judgemental. Let them know ahead of time that you will probably be irritable and even irrational while you withdraw from your smoking habit.

3. Talk with your doctor about quitting. Support and guidance from a physician is a proven way to better your chances to quit.

4. Begin an exercise program. Exercise is simply incompatible with smoking. Exercise relieves stress and helps your body recover from years of damage from cigarettes.

5. Do some deep breathing each day for 3 to 5 minutes. Breathe in through your nose very slowly, hold your breath for a few seconds, and exhale very slowly through your mouth.

6. Have your teeth cleaned. Enjoy the way your teeth look and feel and plan to keep them that way.

7. Drink lots of water. Water is good for you anyway, and most people don’t get enough. It will help flush the nicotine and other chemicals out of your body, plus it can help reduce cravings by fulfilling the “oral desires” that you may have.

8. Learn what triggers your desire for a cigarette, such as stress, the end of a meal, arrival at work, entering a bar, etc. Avoid these triggers or if that’s impossible, plan alternative ways to deal with the triggers.

9. Find something to hold in your hand and mouth to replace cigarettes. You might try an artificial cigarette.

10. Finally, believe in yourself. Believe that you can quit. Think about some of the most difficult things you have done in your life and realize that you have the guts and determination to quit smoking.

A Note:
Thank you dear friends for reading and pleasure will be mine, from your family, from your friends and from this society on your follow-up.

Thank you once again.
Happy long life.
Many great years.


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