A study at WBC Software Lab on how to Influence Social Capital on knowledge creation among various project teams

Research Project on Knowledge Creation

As the research topic suggests it’s on finding the Influence of Social Capital on knowledge creation among various project teams by a study at M/s. WBC Software Lab

A highly skillful employee who performs a task successfully; and another employee complete a tedious task which consumes more time, in a shorter time. Their experience and skill level on tools and technologies is to be recorded, shared, learned, exercised, and adopted by all employees to deliver services on par with international standards. This is the objective of this study, briefly we need to research and find out, on how to Influence the creation of knowledge base which results it better delivery among various project teams at WBC.

As above more precious information has to be shared and available to all across the enterprise; on how to perform planning / execution and complete certain tasks and on the skills required. This information has to be collected as a database which is a knowledge base created for an organisation.

When this precious information is not collected and stored, and if skillful employee left the organisation, it may create a brain drain situation; and the organisation has to start creating a pool of skillful resources from the scratch which increases its costs substantially.

In WBC Software Lab, it has various teams performing various specialized tasks and provides a wide range of services to their clients as below,

  • Microsoft dot net application development
  • Open source application development
  • Joomla CMS web sites
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Flash animation
  • Internet Marketing
  • Testing services
  • Education and training

And it is having challenges in grooming newly inducted human resources to become productive as early as possible. During this process, they need to be aware of all organizational assets and tools required for performing their day to day tasks, best and good practices, work place skills, troubleshooting skills, Quality consciousness, customer centric, time consciousness and many more

Knowledge creation is viewed as an important source of competitive advantage. Even so, much of the existing research on knowledge management (KM) and its application by different industrial sectors focus on effectively capitalizing on an organizations knowledge assets. Approaching knowledge and its management from an organizational asset capitalization perspective poses four main problems:

1. It overlooks the dynamic knowledge processes that include, among others, knowledge creation and sharing. This suggests that there is a gap in the deployment of KM that is potentially problematic;

2. The asset capitalization approach focuses on the organization as its unit of analysis, and thus inevitably presumes that knowledge processes that take place at the individual and project levels lead to, for example, knowledge creation at the organizational level. This position neglects the processes that are necessary to integrate, for example, knowledge creation at the project level into organizational learning;

3. The particular complexities of managing knowledge at the project level are not attended to;

4. Last, but not least, while the asset capitalization approach pays due cognizance to the possession and re-use of knowledge, it does not properly recognize the capability of continuously sourcing, combining, developing and applying knowledge, which is the main source of competitive advantage For this WBC Software Lab has granted to do this research on finding how to Influence the Social Capital on knowledge creation among various project teams M/s. WBC Software Lab


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