Adobe Flash ActionScript

Adobe Flash and Action Script

WBC Build highly interactive Flash applications with good user interface, usability which loads quickly by consuming xml data and from databases; which will run on all browsers, Microsoft, Mac and Linux platforms. Applications can be distributed as SWF files that will be running on a browser and as executables which can be run on any platform and local machines.

Our Flash application development Cycle
  1. Document describing the requirements & functions of the app.
  2. Layout design
  3. Approval from Client
  4. Input materials from the client
  5. Alpha release with reduced functionalities
  6. Feedback from client
  7. Beta release with full functionalities & feedback corrections
  8. Final feedback & changes from the client
  9. Gold release with in-depth testing.
Flash Lite Application

We have experience in building Flash Lite application for Mobile / PDAs which access database and generate xml file and play songs. We have used net streaming class and tested Http streaming. Using streaming server is another choice.

We can have chat session and explain the way we did initially and based on Architects input can achieve the expected Mobile application

Flash Book Companion CD’s

Now a days printed books are accompanied with a CD that contains the interactive learning of the book references. This method of approach gives the reader to get more idea on the subject they are learning from the book. Moreover most of the companies are migrating towards the e-Learning concepts. This way of approach is eco-friendly as no paper is needed.

WBC has the expertise to design & develop such companion CD in flash with action script. By utilizing the power of Action Script we access content and data from XML and databases in our flash application;

Our customers feel independent while adding / changing / removing content, images or videos as its consumed from xml files. Further reduce programming efforts.

Learning Management System

We can build Learning Management System (LMS) e-learning. The application has several features viz.

  • Login with Captcha (Web based)
  • Image with description
  • Video with narration
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Bookmarking Facility
  • Track the progress of learning
  • Profiling for multi user learning
  • Printing Facility
  • Slide show with transition effects  View our samples
Flash based Evaluation system

The sample has three modes of evaluation, study mode, quiz mode, in which all topics will be listed upon which user may choose topics and take an evaluation, they also have the facility to choose number of questions to be asked and while attending the evaluation results will be shown on right / wrong with correct answer description.

Evaluation progress can be saved; user can start from there later at their convenience. Questions can be bookmarked for later review.

The Exam mode is an option when user attends and gets to know his performance as that of real exam. Printing results and many other options are available. This is just an application developed for one of our client. The purpose of showing this sample application is to demonstrate our skills in Adobe flash and action script. View our samples

Product Workflow flash demo applications

For all Software or non-IT companies to describe their product, its workflow or functionality can be better demonstrated through interactive flash applications.

In the samples Click Enter; then select exercises 1, 2, 7 and 8 and click play. View our samples

360 Degree flash applications

a. Useful to display the multi-dimension of the product.
View our samples

Company Profile Introduction CD’s
  • Trade fairs
  • Critical meetings
  • Give out Company profile
  • Annual reports
  • Display product range with specifications
  • Training manuals
  • Product Launches

On request we will provide you sample designs. Contact us

Product Catalog Search CD’s
  • Product pictures
  • Product video
  • Description of each product
  • Online ordering facility thro mail
  • Search functionality

On request we will provide you sample designs. Contact us

Flash Video Player

a. Used as a web player for your sites

b. Can be used in your application for playing videos View our samples

Photo/Video Galleries based on XML

Visit the below website to view our flash based photo galleries

a. – Sa-dhan Show case


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