Frequently Asked Questions

Our prospective customers can be a Non-IT Organization, IT Resellers or Individuals. As a new prospective customer who may have doubts in mind can get the answers here; All that needed is, Contact Us. We hope that some of the FAQs and related replies given below will provide complete information and help our customers to take business decision on joining with us.

3) Why our costs are so less? Top

As we have our training division, the training cost is very less, in creating required skill set in abundance. Infrastructure cost in ½ half compared to Metro cities, Cost of resources is ½ compared to metro cities due to the following reasons

  • Cost of living (shelter, food, clothes) is less expensive than other metro cities i.e. one third
  • Transportation cost is less
  • Less Entertainment expenses.
  • People life style (spending and saving)
  • Cost of education is less
  • Other Lifestyle expenses are very less

4) How can we look into your sample work? Top

Customers can Contact Us with their business requirement and schedule a online demo to view our applications developed and chat with our experts on their queries.

5) I want to reduce my IT expenses and I have several doubts on which tasks to outsource? And want to know the risks and benefits. Top

Please read our outsourcing link, to make it easy; discuss with our business experts online, get their opinion and get your I.T. expenses fit i.e. unimaginable price.

6) Which tools are used for status reporting and how can we contact you when required? Top

a. We have our web based task / issue tracking system in auto email facility. Any tasks assigned by customer or project based task assignment can be tracked any time / any where by our customer. Summary status reports will be sent on a weekly / monthly basis as per the recommended formats agreed mutually.

7) How can we contact you? Top

  • Customers can contact our office or Managers via our land line or mobile numbers.
  • Customers can Contact Us via live chat / voice chat
  • Customers can contact us by email

For more details visit out Contact Us page.

8) I want to visit your office, How can I reach your place? Top

We can arrange pick up facility from the nearest airport. Please visit our outsourcing page for more details on flight schedules. When you plan your visit, Contact Us for a detailed route plan.

9) What is the use of having an offshore fixed resource? Top

Yes, it’s very easy to execute your work by having a fixed resource offshore, No need to worry about infrastructure (renting an office, furniture & fixtures, and other amenities)

No need to worry about Quality work and timely delivery.

It’s very easy to track your work progress and access people at your convenience At unbelievable cost, Time is ticking join with us and start building your own business network.

10) What will happen if I am not using the fixed resource for the hired month? Top

We always want to make our customers happy by utilizing our services when required; when our resources are blocked they become dedicated resources for our customers and will not be assigned in other projects.

Some times when our customers not able to utilize the resources completely we will carry forward balance 40% of the unutilized resource time in next month during which customer can use that time with out additional cost.

11) What about the quality of work? Top

Please read more about our quality process in our product delivery.

In Short and sweet we say,Our Project coordinator and Quality coordinator will be monitoring the resource assigned to our customer projects. They will ensure that the product delivered is of good quality, meeting the customer expectations and metrics set forth.

12) How ownership / copyright / Intellectual property / Trade secrets handled? Top

We will initiate our transactions on duly signing the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and other required contracts in place in a much simplified way. By which we take utmost care in protecting the business interest of our customers. Contact Us for more information.

We develop software for our customer requirements; hence our customers will own the ownership, exclusive of third party and our re-usable core components, scripts and libraries.

13) How the payments are handled? Top

Payment can be paid via Money2India in favor of Wiaan Business Corporation Branch: Karaikudi, our Account No. 606905013936 from ICICI Bank, IFSC/ RTGS/ NEFT code: ICIC0006069.

Customers can also make payment to our PayPal account Wiaan Business Corporation

14) What happens if the assigned resource quits our organization? Top

From the day one of resource assignment, the project coordinator ensures that he/she is aware of the customer requirements and ensures knowledge transfer happens to an equally qualified new resource assigned before the old resource quits our organization.

15) What if the resource does not perform well? Top

If resource is not performing well as per the quality expectations of customer, a new resource will be identified and assigned to project.

The Project coordinator ensures that the resource involved in project is capable enough to handle the project.

16) How can I ensure that the assigned resource is capable enough to handle customer requirements? Top

We circulate the resumes of capable developers who can fulfill the customer requirements, customer shortlists few developer profiles, interact with the resource via text chat and select the resource. OR they can leave the job to WBC, and WBC ensures that the project given is completed on time with good Quality

17) How fixed price contracts are handled? Top

Few customers approach us with their requirements clearly defined, and ask us to provide 100% solution. This can be done by fixed price contracts.

On understanding we will submit a proposal and sign contracts with milestones set for project delivery and support customer, read more on our website / software development processes.

18) What is the outsourcing process involved, and how do I start? Top

Once the customer is satisfied with our capabilities will sign NDA and software agreement will give fixed price contracts or hire remote team from us.

19) How can I terminate the Contract / Agreement and refund policies? Top

When ever customer feels they can terminate their contract by writing and giving one month’s notice on whatsoever reasons.

The software services offered by WBC will not take back its stand in providing its services, and all customers can get their work done based on the contract terms. WBC will extend its services delivered with excellence to its customers and shall not entertain or encourage refunds.

20) Is there any possibility to make the resource to solve an onsite issue or requirement at our office? Top

Yes, we can send our resource onsite; in most of the situations we use ‘open source Team viewer’/’Go to meeting’/’Log me in facility’ to meet our Customers needs from our office, i.e. by remote IT infrastructure management. Contact Us for more details

21) What is the cost for web site maintenance? Top

There are several types of web applications viz.,

  • Simple static web sites,
  • Dynamic websites are design and developed with Adobe flash, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Java based, Java Script or any other
  • ecommerce web sites, maintaining product catalogs, reviews, order management etc.,
  • Any other type of collaborative web applications.
  • Or Customers may expect a tailored services for their requirements.

For the above application types, Customers upon showing their interest in taking our service support will have to confirm via email. We will review and provide our recommendation by offering 2 packages one for static and another for dynamic web sites costing between $7 to $20 per hour. Further Customers can choose an Annual maintenance contract or Prepaid service support package i.e. Users can buy minimum of 5 – 10 hrs package which expires in every 6 months, during which their service requests will be done.

How it works

We have provided our support site where users can generate support ticket at http://support.wbcsoftwarelab.com, by creating a user for them.

Based on the SLA and the work request from customer via email or via support ticket raised in our support site will be executed, before which we will send the time expected to complete and on approval will close the ticket. For small changes automatically we will fix and deduct the service hours bought, once its closing Zero we will request customer to TOP up.

Time is ticking… Join with WBC.


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