How to create a new article

1. Login
2. Click on “Submit an Article” in the user menu.
3. Title your article in the text field labeled title.
4. Add images to your document. You can select previously uploaded pictures, give a direct URL
to an image or upload your own image. (optional)
5. Add pagebreaks to your article. Pagebreaks make a table of contents for your article. (optional)
6. Add a readmore tag to your article. Anything past the readmore tag can only be seen if the
article is viewed individually. (optional)
7. Type your article in the large text field.
8. Return to the top of the page and click on the save button to create the article. Clicking on
cancel will take you back to the homepage without saving.
The following optional steps will help categorize your article for administrators and search engines:
For administrators
Select a section for the article.
Select a category for the article.
Select whether to have the article shown on the front page.
Select an alias.
Select the date for the article’s publishing.
Select the date for the publishing to end.
Select the access level required to see your article.
For search engines:
Give the article a description.
Give the article keywords.

Find the attachment for the complete details.

how to create an article



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