How to customize 404 error page not found web page?

If an existed page removed or wrong url typed in the address bar, you can see the “Page not found” error. You can customize 404 error page not found web page and display. So design 404.html “page not found” by your own.

Design 404 error page not found in joomla by following steps:

  1. Design a page to your taste and name it as 404.html
  2. Place it in the root folder
  3. In the .htacess page add these lines Code: ErrorDocument 404 /404.html 4. In the “/templates/system” folder there exist a page named error.php page. Edit the page and change its contents with the “404.html page” contents and save it.

Now type a wrong url in the browser after your site name. You can see your customized page not fouund page will be displayed instead of the normal “404 not found” page. Keep going!!!! 404-page


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