How to post the article in the wiaanities forum with image or flash

1. Upload the image you want to display in your article by clicking the
Additional options
and give the file in the attach textbox
and save the posting.

2. open the topic again and click modify.

3. you can see the attachments displayed

4. copy the attachment path.

5. Click the image button in the toolbar wherever you want to place the image.

6. you will get a tag like this.
[ img ] [ /img ]

then paste the url between the tags.

check the preview .

7. If the flash to be included upload the flash file as like the image, and do the steps done given above.
8. Click flash button in the tool bar.
9. you will get the tag like this.
[ flash = 200, 200 ] [ /flash ]

10. add the path between the tags and change the size of the flash if you want.
11. check the preview.

For details further, check the attachment article.

How to add the image while posting the article


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