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Cool Three Easy Techniques to Relieve Stress Fast

Life comes at us fast. As it does we begin to feel the negative affects taking a toll on our lives. Uncontrolled stress will have a negative effect on our health and well-being and even cause some illnesses to be worse than they need to be. Stress will also affect sleep, relationships, mood, and our concentration. There are proven methods to help reduce stress on our bodies and can even improve our health and well being. Here are three simple relaxation techniques that are easy to learn and use that will get results fast.

Learn Abdominal Breathing
We are often told to take a deep breath when things get a little stressed or we feel anxious. Some say this doesn’t help them relax at all. Some feel taking a deep breath actually increase stress levels and makes relaxation more difficult. Abdominal breathing is the key to learning to handle stress. Learning abdominal breathing when you are calm is a very good relaxation technique that you can use when you are stressed. Don’t wait until you are stressed to learn this. Learn when you are calm and relaxed to get the most benefit. See how.

Put one of your hands on your chest and the other on your stomach. Take a deep breath. Which hand moved? Concentrate on breathing in very slowly until the hand on your abdomen moves with your breathing and the hand on your chest remains still. Practice this twice a day in front of a mirror and soon you will see the results. When you do you will then begin to feel the results as well. Be careful not to take to many deep breaths, as this will make you dizzy. Abdominal breathing can be a very effective relaxation method to calm your mind and body.

Learn Stretching Techniques
Here is a very simple and quick technique you can use anywhere. Under stress, your body sends extra blood to your muscles that makes them tight and tense when you are anxious or under stress.Because of this your shoulders may begin to ache and give you headache as well. Your jaw may clench as stress increases. Stretch your muscles regularly throughout the day to reduce the stress in your body.

Standing and stetching your body is effective in relaxing your muscles. This will relax the muscles and help you to breath better. Relaxed muscles help you to breath deeper more relaxing breaths. Do this throughout the day to reduce your stress level. Yoga are easy excercises to do and you can do them almost everywhere.

Use Relaxation Audios
Learning relaxation techniques take time and patience like any skill you learn. One way to help you learn quickly is to utilize audios for several weeks. Using this once or twice a week will maintain the beneefits and maintain mazimum effectiveness. Relaxation audios help you concentrate on the sensations needed that will cause you to relax and help slow down your busy mind. Subliminal audios are also effective because they work on a sub-conscious level. This is the fastest way to learn skills to help you relax in any circumstances.

Don’t quit even though you may not feel much difference at first. Be consistent for 2-3 weeks because that gets the best results for most people. Daily stress can build up very quickly and cause many relational and health problems for you at home and at work. Learning these simple yet effective techniques will not only help you reduce the level of stress you are feeling but they will also work fast.

I m suggesting you the tip that is best of bests now –
Never get tensed for anything. Be cool round the clock. Have a sense of hillarious humour. It does’nt matter whether you make or you enjoy. Grin

view this – a good begin
reply this – a better continue
practice this – a best decision

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