Joomla Installation in 5 steps

Content management System (CMS):

Content Management also known as ‘web content management’ (WCM), focus on online content.It  can be defined as a framework to prepare, to manage, to distribute an electronic content, whether it is located on the Internet, Intranet or in corporation-wide systems. It is drawn on actuality, consistence and accessibility of the content.

Joomla is a leading open source CMS Platform and also user friendly. Basically

1.   How to create the project?

•   Download the latest version of Joomla
•   Create PHP project in local
•   Extract all the files from the downloaded version of joomla and
•   Add it to the PHP project created as per Step-2.

2.   How to Install joomla project?

•   Go to project Properties
•   Confirm only PHP5 is selected in the configuration manager.
•   Set the index.php (In the root folder) as start up page and run the project.
•   Make sure mysql is working(or installed)  in the system.

3.   Run the project

•   A window opened with title ‘Choose language’

•   Click ‘Next’ until ‘Step:3’

•    In ‘Step:4’ – Database Configuration
In Hostname:    Local host or server name
Username: root
Password:  slteam

•   Database: Any name (for ex:testdb) – It will create database automatically

•   Below this click ‘Advanced Setting link’, type prefix as you like it

•   Click “Next”, no changes need to do in Step:5, goto Step:6

Site name : Enter site name
Email id: Any id
Password: Any password (ex : test)

o   Click ‘Install sample data’
•   Click Next, you will receive message as

Administration Login Details …….”

Note: While using latest joomla (Joomla-1.5.3-Stable-Full_Package),It ask for Installation folder to be removed from the project, so in your project folder delete ‘Installation’ folder from root. Now back to previous window.

4.    Click ‘Admin’
5.    Enter username : admin and Password : test (as enter per ‘5(c)’)

Hey! Congrats now you become experts in Joomla installation and we will meet in next article regarding working in joomla. Wink


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