Microsoft Customer Life Cycle

The Customer Life Cycle is the end-to-end process of engaging, selling, deploying, and delivering Microsoft Online Services to end customers. A complete Service Delivery Process will address every stage a customer goes through, from awareness, consideration and trial, to sales and ordering, to installation/migration, to billing, ongoing service reporting, maintenance, support and up-sell/renewal/churn


The goal of the Learn phase is to provide customers with as much relevant information as is necessary to drive them toward active consideration and trial of the Microsoft Online Services. For Microsoft Online Services-related marketing (and the overall Unified Communications message), we will include a message related to the choice of consumption. Ideally, customers considering Microsoft Online Services will be compelled to either (1) purchase the service suite or (2) engage in a trial of the services. For more information on Learn


The goal of the Try phase is to provide trial experiences for the prospective end customer. Available trials include the following:

  • Flash demo. A lightweight interactive media demonstration of the service which allows IT Professionals to get a feel for Microsoft Online Services without downloading software or migrating any data to the service.
  • 30-day trial. Prospective customers are allowed to set up a live version of Microsoft Online Services for their company, utilize real company data, and see how hosted services co-exist with their current communication and collaboration experience.

The 30-day trial process is outlined in further detail below:

    • Initial portal log-in:

In this step, the prospective customer IT Professional signs in to the Microsoft Online Services portal using a Live ID. They will be required to enter contact information, company information, and shipping address. No billing information is necessary at this time. Once logged in, the customer will be able to view all services available for trial.

    • Trial service activation:

Upon identifying desired trial services, the IT Professional activates the trial. In addition to providing service provisioning information, theyll also need to enter technical contact details. Upon completing this step, Microsoft will provision a trial for the customer. Customers will be able to utilize up to 20 accounts within the trial. The IT Professional and technical contact will receive a welcome e-mail with specific log in instructions.

    • Service administration:

Administrators will utilize tools within the Microsoft Online Services portal to administer and manage their services. They will also have access to a full range of service support, including self-help and training materials (self-paced and instructor lead via Live Meeting), e-mail, and telephone support.

    • End of trial:

After 30 days, all Microsoft Online Services trials will conclude. At this point, three primary scenarios exist:

  1. Extend the service. The customer IT Professional will contact their Microsoft partner to purchase Microsoft Online Services.
  2. Disable the service. When the trial expires, no services will be usable in the trial environment. Existing data will still be presentable to the customer. Customers will be sent an end of service notification that will outline SLAs on data retention.



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