Microsoft Online Services Overview

Microsoft Online Services are enterprise-class software programs delivered as subscription services, hosted by Microsoft and sold through WBC. Microsoft Online Services includes; Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Office SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, Microsoft Office Communications Online, Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering, and Microsoft Dynamics, CRM Online. Microsoft Online Services provides a great opportunity for partners to deliver world-class collaboration capabilities such as e-mail, calendaring and contacts, shared workspaces, Web-conferencing applications and customer relationship management applications to customers over the internet backed by a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) to their customers.

This Software-plus-Services approach goes beyond packaged software or pure software-as-a-service. (SaaS) cloud-based offerings to give customers increased flexibility and choice in deployment options, including on-premise, delivered via the Internet, or as hybrid solutions or smashup that deliver the best of both worlds, combining hosted services with capabilities that can only be achieved by software running locally on a device with a powerful processor.

Vision and Strategy

The vision for Microsoft Online Services is to provide business customers with a comprehensive set of trustworthy online services delivering world-class communication and collaboration capabilities through hosted services anytime, anywhere. This hosted model provides customers the agility and the means to rapidly transform IT from a cost center to a strategic asset for the organization, enabling them to benefit by always having the latest set of productivity capabilities. Microsoft understands that WBC will play a crucial role in the success of Microsoft Online Services.

The Microsoft Online Services strategy is designed to enable the Microsoft Software-plus-Services vision for business customers. Microsoft Online Services are designed with key IT requirements in mind, offering a streamlined experience with high availability, comprehensive security, and simplified IT management.

The initial set of services from Microsoft Online includes e-mail, calendaring and contacts, shared workspaces, Web-conferencing and customer relationship management applications delivered over the internet with high availability and comprehensive security. These online services simplify IT management while still enabling IT Professionals to retain control over the services available to their end users. By simplifying the complexities in software deployment and upgrades, Microsoft Online Services allow organizations to refocus their IT resources on core business initiatives while still delivering a streamlined end user experience with the latest functionality that enhances user productivity.

WBC will play a key role in bringing together powerful technology with domain expertise, innovative capabilities, and value-added services like support, application integration, migration, consulting, and managed services.


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