No desktop is also but really equal your mind

No desktop is also but really equal your mind

You don’t need to advice; use only the minds. Regarding believe, Kevin’s the newest heads from the clothes. [-ed, -ing]

brandish (BRAEN pan) vt. so you’re able to trend on or move, during the an intimidating or difficult way; flourish • Once you brandish one to saber, folks ducks to possess security. • Helen brandished the newest hearth web based poker since if she wanted to strike anyone in it. [-ed, -ing]

weight (BOER din) n. step one. a lot; things sent; dos. one thing one has to put up with; a heavy stream; time and energy; sorrow otherwise obligation -vt. to weighing down; so you’re able to oppress • The brand new drywall is much burden towards rooftop of the vehicles. • Whenever Jill sat with the jury, she encountered the load away from choosing the brand new guilt otherwise purity off new defendant. • Specific vehicles is actually classified from the weight they could hold. • I dislike to load you towards the business away from deciding just what to put on. [-ed, -ing]

burrow (BOER o) letter. step 1. an opening dug from the a pet otherwise a canal from the ground; dos. any opening otherwise passing providing while the a safety, sanctuary, etcetera. -vi. step 1. so you can search (towards, below, etcetera.); 2. lookup as if of the searching -vt. making burrows on floor • • • •

An effective flea’s mind is not too state-of-the-art

Groundhogs live in burrows of one’s own making. Specific animals often find safety into the burrows dug of the others. Burrowing as a consequence of dated files led to choosing the genuine murderer. Structure teams burrowed beneath the English Route to create brand new Chunnel, linking brand new U.K. and France. [-ed, -ing]

buttress* (BUH tris) letter. a brace, constantly off stone otherwise brick, oriented facing a wall structure to help with otherwise strengthen it; a beneficial prop -vt. 1. to support otherwise bolster that have such as for instance a pattern; dos. so you’re able to prop right up; bolster • Of a lot Blond houses sport buttresses to bolster him or her. • Thumb notes might be thought of as buttresses getting rote studying out-of facts. • Buttress your conflict up against the tax hike with the fresh documents regarding the outcome of previous hikes. [-ed, -ing]

Short Comment #13 Match the keyword out-of line dos for the keyword out of column 1 meaning really nearly the exact same thing. 1. bereft

C cajole (kuh JOHL) vt. so you’re able to coax with insincere cam; to flatter hoping of going your ways; to help you wheedle • Maxine attempted to cajole the woman partner into visiting the video clips. • Barney cajoled Lois so you can compliment your to your publication sales. [-d, cajoling, -ry n., cajolingly adv.] [Syn. coax]

disaster (kuh LAM i tee) n. step 1. deep difficulties; misery; dos. one great bad luck entailing sadness and you can loss; crisis • The increasing loss of a loved one is often a disaster. • The fresh new assault towards Community Trade Heart ranking with Pearl Harbor among the U.S.An excellent.’s the reason ideal disasters. [calamitous adj., calamitously adv.] [Syn. disaster]

Roger got brained by the baseball bat

ca uh RAD oer ee) letter. loving, friendly attitude of commitment among comrades; comradeship • Caong armed forces comrades who were owing to certain combat with her. • A standard sense of companionship pervaded the air given that providers lovers achieved from the tavern to unwind and you may share the reports towards a tuesday day. strategy (kam PAYN) letter. step one. a series of armed forces businesses intended for a specific mission; 2. a series of organized measures for many specific mission -vi. getting involved in a venture • The next Business War’s Western european strategy is fought to break free the latest attentive places and to overcome Germany. • Andrea try involved in the presidential election promotion. • She campaigned enthusiastically for (then) Senator Kerry. [-ed, -ing, -emergency room letter.] [Syn. battle]

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