Notable IEEE standards!!!

IEEE 488-Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation, IEEE-488-1978 (now 488.1).
IEEE 610-Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology.
IEEE 754-floating point arithmetic specifications.


IEEE 802.1-Standards for LAN/MAN bridging and management and remote media access control (MAC) bridging.
IEEE 802.2-Standards for Logical Link Control (LLC) standards for connectivity.
IEEE 802.3-Ethernet Standards for Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD).
IEEE 802.4-Standards for token passing bus access.
IEEE 802.5-Standards for token ring access and for communications between LANs and MANs
IEEE 802.6-Standards for information exchange between systems.
IEEE 802.7-Standards for broadband LAN cabling.
IEEE 802.8-Fiber optic connection.
IEEE 802.9-Standards for integrated services, like voice and data.
IEEE 802.10-Standards for LAN/MAN security implementations.
IEEE 802.11-Wireless Networking – “WiFi”.

IEEE 802.12-Standards for demand priority access method.
IEEE 802.14-Standards for cable television broadband communications.
IEEE 802.15.1-Bluetooth

IEEE 802.15.4-Wireless Sensor/Control Networks – “ZigBee”

IEEE 802.16-Wireless Networking – “WiMAX”

IEEE 829-Software Test Documentation
IEEE 830-Software Requirements Specifications.
IEEE 896-Futurebus
IEEE 1003-POSIX – “Unix” compatibility programming standard

IEEE 1044-Standard Classification for Software Anomalies
IEEE 1059-Software Verification And Validation Plan
IEEE 1073-Point of Care Medical Device Communication Standards
IEEE 1074-Software Development Life Cycle
IEEE 1076-VHDL – VHSIC Hardware Description Language

IEEE 1149.1-JTAG


IEEE 1180-Discrete cosine transform accuracy

IEEE 1275-Open Firmware

IEEE 1284-Parallel port

IEEE P1363-Public key cryptography

IEEE 1394-Serial Bus — “FireWire”, “i.Link”

IEEE 1471-software architecture / system architecture

IEEE 1541-Prefixes for Binary Multiples

IEEE 1584-Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations

IEEE 1588-Precision Time Protocol
IEEE P1619-Security in Storage Working Group (SISWG)
IEEE 1667-Standard Protocol for Authentication in Host Attachments of Transient Storage Devices
IEEE P1901-Broadband over Power Line Networks

IEEE 2600-Hardcopy Device and System Security (and related ISO/IEC 15408 Protection Profiles)
IEEE 12207-Information Technology


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