Telemarketing tips

Telemarketing is a discipline that is fast gaining ground and is being seen as a powerful tool to leverage business. Telemarketing uses the telephone in direct sales. Today, people with busy lifestyles and those who might be hard-pressed for time have the option of conducting business over the telephone. Businesses with aggressive sales targets are becoming savvy, and using this to their advantage.

Telemarketing is seen as an effective means to reach a prospective customer. Types of telemarketing that come under the purview of direct marketing are-

Inbound telemarketing: in which a customer gets in touch with the company that is selling the products and the services he wants.

Outbound telemarketing: in which the company makes the first move and contacts potential customers to sell its products and services.

Whatever your job is, there may come a time when you have to use the telephone to communicate with customers. Here are a few tips to help you make effective calls.

* Calls you initiate can be for prospecting, arranging appointments, or for direct selling. Before you place the call, ascertain your main purpose. You need to have a clear objective before you set out.

* Your choice of words, and language play a major role. Saying the right words helps create a good first impression.

* A good script can help you clinch a deal. Have a script in place with answers to some of the likely questions you could be asked. Your script can include important points or detailed answers.

* Rehearse the opening lines and practice the sales call on someone you know. Fine-tune by basing it on the inputs from your guinea pig.

* Be gracious and willing to answer any questions and doubts that the customer may have.

* In case of a ‘cold call’, find out if the customer is interested in continuing the conversation before you launch out. If the person is busy, suggest a time when you can call up later.

* Keep the conversation short. Get to the point quickly as attention spans over the telephone are short and people can be in a hurry to get back to work.

* Determine how many calls you will make per day and have a target you can work towards.

* Make as many calls as possible. Since everyone you call may not end up buying, the number of calls you make will determine your chances of success.

* Ensure that your caller list includes prospects that qualify. Before you put someone on your list, ensure that the person fits your target customer profile.

* Be persistent.

* Be efficient in providing post sales customer care and service. Efficient follow-up is necessary.

* Ensure that you deliver what you have promised. Mail important brochures, forms etc promptly.

Remember that through telemarketing you can reach more people than you could otherwise. So use the telephone to get connected and stay connected!


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