To submit an article- In Joomla

1. Login as <user>
2. Click “Submit an Article”

3. You are redirected to a page as below –

4. Enter the title for the article to be posted in “Title:  “box

5. Enter the article content in the text area found just below the Title area

6. A set of variety of tools are available for better formatting styles including  HTML editor

7. Images can be subjected easily in articles by clicking and uploading required image through “Image” found just below the article content text area (bottom left)

8. Page breaks can be given on need by using “Pagebreak”

9. For lengthy articles, just starting of the content, or required length of the content can be shown on the page and the whole content could be shown when user goes for it by clicking “Read More”.  This can be done using “Read More”.

10. Choose appropriate section and category using “Section” and “Category” lists respectively.

11. Select “Show on Front Page” for displaying the article at front page.

12. Use “Author Alias” for giving your alias name on requirement.

13. Use “Start Publishing” for updating/ uploading the article with current date and time.

14. Use “Finish Publishing” for submitting the article.

15. Use “Access Level” for setting selections on who could access the article
(‘Public’>>for all users, ‘Register’>>for registered users and ‘Special’ for  particular group, if exist )

16. “Metadata Description” text area might be used for giving the page description for web crawlers

17. “Keywords” box can be used for giving appropriate keywords for that web page.


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