Top 10 Technologies – SaaS – Advantages

Hi all,

Let us all know about the SaaS advantages, all software will be hosted as web application and accessed as a service from Internet service providers instead of buying it ….. this is the trend adopted by all companies during this recession period.

Benefits of SaaS Model (Software as a Service)

Lower cost

No upfront investments in licenses, hardware, training etc, only periodic subscription fees that are a fraction of the license cost
No resources required to run and maintain the software

Lower support costs

  • Speed and ease of implementation and management
  • Typical time frame for implementation is 6-8 weeks compared to months (enterprise model)
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Single instance global or nation wide deployment e.g. BPOs having global and international clients find it very effective to quickly deploy CRM Software on this model and get their users to track the customer activities across the different international offices and India
  • Continue to focus on their main line of business. They want to focus more on business and less on IT. This essentially means that they would prefer to minimize IT investments and instead focus on IT capabilities that help them enhance their business
  • Hassle free usage, ease of use
  • Business benefits
  • Higher ROI in a shorter time frame



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