User interface markup languages

User interface markup language are they we are going to develop UI in the near future.

Currently there are many languages and surely more will come.
User interface markup language allow us to define UI in terms of a mark up language tags.

These tags will look like XML(HTML) tags.
This allows us to create UI quicker and faster than currently possible.

Microsoft is pushing for XAML(Extensible Application Markup language) for the .Net framework under the name Windows Presentation Foundation).

It is very easy to use .It is available in VS 2008.
Actual programming can be done in c#,VB.Net and even javascript.

Try using it…..

Other markup languages are XUL which will run on any platform that supports Mozilla firefox (actually XULrunner).
It supports JavaScript,CSS,Python and java.

Besides these there are many more User interface markup languages and i will try to update this regularly.



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