WBC has planned to launch its tested products in Microsoft Pinpoint market place.

Pinpoint Market Place

WBC Software Lab will be listing its tested products in Microsoft Pinpoint, for enhanced visibility as part of its initiative with Microsoft Partner Network.

  • A comprehensive directory of partner companies, products and services.
  • Powerful search, filter and browse features to help customers quickly locate us and other partners offering the best solutions to address their IT needs.
  • An easy-to-navigate interface that simplifies the process for customers in terms of vetting and connecting with us

As we and our customers move toward greater success in business, Microsoft continues in its endeavor to help us to establish the right connections and be visible in the right network.

Facilitating suitable opportunities for the ensuring growth in our businesses, Pinpoint is the online marketplace that places our business offerings right where customers will be looking for. While we enhance your business value, also help our customers to find right solution on right time by providing cost effective solutions.


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