WBC get certified from Microsoft as Small Business Specialist

WBC as a registered partner with Microsoft for a long period now started its planning to offer Microsoft Online software services and to offer effective business solutions to all small / medium businesses. During this journey WBC is very close to satisfy all basic skills required by Microsoft to become small business specialist.

  • You can trust your IT is in good hands

Microsoft Small Business Specialists are trained and supported by Microsoft. They’re the experts – and they’ve got the badge to prove it.

  • They’ll save you from costly and time-consuming mistakes

Microsoft Small Business Specialists work quickly, efficiently and accurately. They are able to recommend and supply the latest and most appropriate Microsoft technology for your business. They make the job look easy, because it is – for them.

They specialise in small businesses (and no business is too small)

Microsoft Small Business Specialists look after small businesses day in, day out They understand the issues you face, and enjoy solving them.

  • They have access to specific resources for small businesses

Our specialists are provided with a wealth of invaluable resources that are specific to small businesses like yours.

  • They do what they do the best, so you can do what you do best

IT solutions can improve your company’s productively. Our specialists have extensive experience managing small business networks. They know what IT solutions will address your business needs. They can also offer valuable IT support.


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