WBC Offshore Dedicated / Shared staffing services

Staffing services

WBC Software Lab has strategized its staffing services based on industry requirements, as it is constantly witnessing the experience and capability to its clients; it has a sophisticated finishing school academy in place with its training division.

By having excellent relationship and trust with its neighborhood academic institutions and from its training division, WBC Software Lab trains its APTECH students and new recruits from open market, train them on real time industry needs, make them highly productive, and depute them in our projects. As and when need arises for customer we send our people on contract onsite / offshore.

  • Basic international training at APTECH
  • Our resources were inducted & trained in complete SDLC
  • Groomed in WBC Software Lab

Deputing trainees in real time projects Viz., Training on the on going projects, testing, designing database, web Page or form design having knowledge on design standards, code review, development and publishing application.

During their training they will be trained on our processes in general with quality & timely delivery as the prime results expected. They will be made to be customer centric and offer quality outputs meeting client requirements.

WBC staffing services offer 3 options for its clients

  • Deputing key people onsite / offshore consulting for project planning and execution and retain them as WBC staff.
  • Deputing people onsite / offshore software solutions and service on a short term contract and give an option to client to absorb them into their organization as per the contract norms.
  • Play a role of recruitment consultancy services giving candidates for the client requirements and get service charges as applicable based on the resource skills set, and experience.

As an organization in down south Tamilnadu, we have shown our service excellence in developing quality Human resource with unimaginable cost advantage.

With its highly tuned infrastructure and through effective back office operations, resumes of job seekers are properly indexed and maintained. By its own powerful – industry relevant recruitment product with effective search engines, which will find job seekers – just in time matching the job requirements.

Our Customer Experience

All customers contact us with their requirements by our existing customer references. They give directions from across the globe and our team will communicate and collaborate with them via email, Text and voice chatting.

Upon finalizing the requirements will start work on the projects, send status reports and deliver the products on time. Our programmers will be monitored by our project leads and managers and QA team ensuring the product delivered is of best quality.

Our Facilitations
  • Provide resources as per customer requirement / hiring / retaining / relieving
  • Provide secured infrastructure.
  • Customers can review profiles and select candidates maintain the programmers on our payroll.
  • We ensure availability of programmers and quality output.
  • We ensure additional programmers availability as a fall back measure to provide source code control and backup with security.
  • Our QA team will assist the hired programmer with design / coding standards
  • Sending daily/weekly progress reports.
Customers Responsibility
  • Select programmers from our talent pool. (Make them work offshore / onsite)
  • Define your business requirements
  • Define coding standards and styles.
  • Assign tasks to programmers with our well defined web based task tracking system
  • Constant touch with our programmers & team.
  • Review status and give your feedback.

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