WBC’s Triple Advantage

Cost Advantage

One of the main key reasons is our cost advantage – As we operate from ‘Karaikudi’ Tier 4 City in Tamilnadu, India, we get / groom resources to produce world quality software products at incomparable low costs; Yes! our customers repeatedly say that is our key advantage. We have the right business model in place in order to serve our customers at low costs with high quality.

As we have our training division, the training cost is very less, in creating required skill set in abundance

Infrastructure cost is half compared to Metro cities

Cost of resources is fifty percent less when compared to metro cities due to the following reasons

  • Cost of living (shelter, food & clothes) is less expensive one third equivalent to metro cities.
  • Transportation cost is less
  • Less Entertainment expenseswith their team, friends and relatives once in a while.
  • People life style (spending and saving)
  • Cost of education is less
  • Other Lifestyle expenses are very less

Further in association with APTECH Ltd, our training division is committed to educate, energize and inspire our workforce and finishing school graduate / post graduate level students make them to work on real time projects, train them on work place skills and make them industry ready.

We recruit the talented freshers and best people in industry, investing in their training and professional development, and grounding them in our ten core values.

Our employees top ten Mantras

    • Customer focused
    • Having the right attitude
    • Doing Right things right from the first time
    • Smart, Creative and Hard working
    • Consistency & Responsibility
    • Paying attention to details (Quality Assurance)
    • Always to be proud of our work
    • Timely delivery
    • Working as a Team
    • Specially trained on Business ethics and Code of conduct

In addition, we believe it is important to maintain and foster a robust alumni network. Former employees have a special connection to WBC developed through their shared professional and personal experiences. Regardless of their career paths or life choices, WBC alumni continue to make a positive impact on the way the world works and lives. Our Consulting people design, build and deliver strategies that can transform companies into high-performance businesses, transform our workforce with world class skills with simplicity. Contact us with your requirements and know more about our cost advantage, we welcome to use our staffing services onsite / offshore….

Software Quality Assurance

We have also undertaken various initiatives such as implementing an organization wide Defect Prevention Program, Metrics Program, automation of processes and introduction of new tools.

Our Quality Improvement Program is based on the business needs, technology changes, customer feedback, suggestions and process performance.

We have instituted processes that enable transition to new technologies and enable continuous process improvement.

Quality assurance for defectless software service

Our customers have benefited as a result of fewer defects, reduction in cycle time and improved delivery capabilities.

WBC has provided value-additions through improvement in the performance of the systems that have been outsourced, a reduction in the problems and failures, and improved stability.

This has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business. Implementing the processes has trained our organization and people to be methodical and process-driven. We have introduced and improved upon best-of-breed industry practices and standards and thereby improved our delivery capability.

Focus on quality has led to lower costs and improved efficiency within the organization.


On time delivery the project

WBC is very much time conscious and understands the value of timely delivery to its customers, which ensures the customers to meet their plans and reach market on time.

Time is one of the constraints in all project deliveries around the world, for which we take utmost care from the project initiation till its closure and identify risks well in advance to treat them professionally.

For all projects, we have product deliverables breaked down to achievable or measurable small tasks with time lines set and resources assigned, on a daily, weekly basis these tasks status will be monitored and controlled efficiently and ensures timely completion of all task with Quality. We have our people trained professionally on managing projects.

Time is ticking… Join with WBC.


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