What’s New in Tally

The current Series, Release & Build certified for use is Tally.ERP 9, Series A, Release 1.3, Build 212. This was released for download on 7th July 2009.

The highlights of this release are:


1. During activation of the license there have been cases reported where the email containing the unlock key could not be accessed for many reasons. Now Tally.ERP 9 will continue to work in licensed mode for seven days this will provide adequate time to access the email. After these seven days Tally.ERP 9 will revert to educational mode.

Excise for Manufacturers

1. There are cases where manufacturers have many products and do not wish to define the duty % in the item master, instead preferring to define these while making the excise entries. This is now supported.

2. Sales & Purchase Orders as well as Delivery & Receipt Notes now support Excise duty & Additional Tax.

3. The ‘Show Statutory Details’ option is now enabled for the above: Sales & Purchase Orders and Delivery & Receipt Notes.

4. The CENVAT credit register is now available at this shows Opening Balance, Credit, Utilised and Closing Balances

Excise for Dealers

1. In F12: Configuration additional sort options are now available for Excise Stock Register and Excise Purchase Bill Register

2. The Excise Sales Invoice can be set to print either the Manufacturers PLA # or the Dealers RG 23D #. (This is done by setting the parameter Print Mfgr/Importer PLA RG 23D No™ to ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ respectively)


1. Sales & Purchase Orders as well as Delivery & Receipt Notes now support Cess on VAT

2. Previously when a ledger was flagged as ‘Use for Assessable Value Calculation’ this would impact both VAT and Excise. An option has now been introduced in these ledger masters to indicate if the applicability is for both or only for VAT

3. In the party ledger masters it is now possible to capture the ‘Type of Dealer’ and the ‘TIN/Sales Tax No  as this is now required for statutory reporting

4. The Commodity Code can now be captured in the VAT Commodity creation screen. Consequently in Single & Multi Item creation screens the VAT Commodity Code can now be captured (In Multi Item creation an option has been provided S: Set Commodity Code to auto-fill this code)

5. Ledgers under Duties & Taxes with Type of Duty set to ‘others’ will now have the option ‘Use for Assessable Value Calculation’


1. In case TDS data migration to Tally.ERP 9 fails, on-screen messages to help resolve the problem are now available.

2. TDS entries in Debit & Credit Notes are now available in the Accounting Invoice mode (for ‘Accounts Only’ companies).

3. For the latest TDS forms TDS Challan Reconciliation is now available.

4. Payments to NRI™s, Section 195, is supported (flat rate, without surcharge and cess).


1. For the latest TCS forms TCS Challan Reconciliation is now available


1. Same stocks with the same rates, repeated in Sales & Purchase Invoices as well as in Receipt & Delivery Notes can be consolidated (F12: Configuration  Consolidate Stock Items with Same Rate)


1. Synchronisation was failing to import data when it encountered Sales & Purchase Orders with “Due on Date” and which had the voucher date subsequently modified. This has been fixed

Tally.ERP 9  Auditors’ Edition

1. Clause 18 – Payments made to Specified Persons u/s 40A(2)(b) is available

2. Clause 27 – Tax Deducted at Source is now available. The details of all the TDS transactions can also be verified

3. Form 3CD along with Annexure I & II is available now

4. A new Audit Status Under Observation is introduced

5. The Tax Audit Dashboard has been enhanced to display all the required Audit Status Types

Other feature of the Tally ERP-9

1. Several other enhancements have been made and issues reported fixed. Please refer to the release notes.


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