Why Karaikudi?

For Development Centre

Karaikudi is famous for its renowned antique, diamond trade, temples like Pillayarpatti, art of construction like Chettinadu heritage i.e. kanadukathan palace as well as other houses, Education where the famous Star value Alagappa University/ACCET, chettinadu culture/food. And India’s most reputed research Institution CECRI is present at karaikudi.

It is situated down south of Tamil Nadu near Madurai i.e. 80kms, near Trichy i.e. 100kms and from Chennai with a population of about 350,000 people whose literacy rate is close to 90%.

WBC has its presence in Karaikudi since 1995 by having its APTECH Ltd, Training Centre where it trains about 200 people in high end software development courses every year.

  • Absorbing Quality students into software lab
  • By conducting workshops in several institutions selecting quality students from campus.
  • Using the rich training facility to equip the selected IT professionals within a quickest possible time.
  • Can retain people for long time when compared to that of Metropolitan cities, hence quality consistency. Attrition rate is comparatively less than other cities.

Parameters to select a place for software development centre

Parameters Karaikudi
Software Manpower

Abundantly available, we can train a fresher in any technology in a quickest possible time. In computer Science oriented majors, nearly 600 under graduates, 1000 B.Es and 900 master degree students ripe every year. And through APTECH we train about 200 people per year where we select the most suitable personnel for our concern.

WBC conducts quality workshop among Computer literates. The objective is to create a quality regional man power supply for the days forth.

Data-com Facility

Dialup, ISDN, Leased Lines, etc. available with the bandwidth of 128kbps to 2 Mbps and 38mbps line(special condition)

Power Supply

Adequate power supply available.Also on failure, can be substantiated by UPS or power Generator.

Education Facility

World Renowned Alagappa University with 3 engineering colleges and 4 arts & science colleges within 20km circumference.


Madurai/ Tiruchirapalli Airport within 90kms from city. Approximate journey from Airport to Karaikudi would be around 01:30 hrs. If you as our client visiting can reach chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and take connection flight to Trichy / Madurai, we have frequent flights to these airports;

Where we will be pleased to offer pickup services to our office which takes approx. 1.30hrs.

Transportation Within City Very Good.
Cost of Living

Much economical when compared to metropolitan cities.

Lodging/Residence Facility Standard lodging facility available.
Quality of Life Peaceful and healthy
Climate / Pollution Pollution free normal Indian climate
Proximity of Markets 100 kms i.e. in 2.30 hrs reach.
Water Availability Abundant pollution free natural tasty water.


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